reflexologyReflexology is one of the oldest forms (evidence of use by the Eygptians,Chinese, and Native Americans ancient civilisations) of natural medicine that uses light pressure to the nerve endings in the feet to stimulate the body’s self healing mechanisms by encouraging a return to balance within all the body’s physiological systems.

Stress and tension can be released by stimulating energetic pathways to clear blockages via the feet reflexes that connect to different parts of the body.A google search will bring up many conditions reflexology may help ease.A recommended course of 3 to 6 reflexology sessions and maintenance follow ups can also promote great sleep and deep relaxation and peace.


Healing aims to bring balance to mind,body and spirit. The healer acts as a transmitter of universal healing energy accessed through breathing techniques, visualisation,hand movements, and intent and sent out from the heart centre. The breathing techniques help ensure the healing facilitator is not using their own energy and remaining a clear channel.

Healing is a simple, safe and supportive ‘ innate to all’ skill we can all develop to varying degrees depending on our unique life path.My life has so far involved a deep challenging exploration of self healing alongside facilitating healing ( return to balance)for other people. Healing is given or offered with the recipient lying down fully clothed or sitting or standing if preferred. It is complimentary to all forms of treatment. Healing sessions can sometimes be intense for short periods but often just relaxing and laughter may come as energy releases, and a deep sense of wellbeing, clarity, and peace.   The healing practitioner acts  as a catalyst and stuck debilitating energy/behaviour patterns can be released and transformed by the client’s own innate body intelligence.

healingMore important than the actual name or system of the healing tool or techniques used is the unconditional compassionate presence of the healer, the mutual intent of the session, and positive use of language/suggestion. Also it is important that the healer practitioner is a resonant match for you and an informal chat prior to booking can usually establish this. Healing is received fully clothed,sitting, lying on couch or standing. Light appropriate touch is used or no touch if preferred.

Healing can through suggestion, can have positive effects on all physical  and emotional issues alongside stress relief and relaxation. I  hold a safe, nurturing, compassionate healing space and offer an holistic approach blending healing tools to your presenting needs at the time. Sessions are normally one hour but can be shorter or longer if needed.

Distant healing (which also can be given for animals) at half the clinic fee cost is also available and can be equally effective.I prefer to do this at prearranged times for 30 minute sessions with email or phone follow up.

Clinic sessions – £40 for a one and a half hour initial session. Concessions available if needed just ask.

About Hilary


Hilary’s background is in nursing, social care and youth work .  Hilary has taken courses in holistic relaxation massage, zero balancing, metamorphic technique, feldenkrais, tuina massage, reconnective healing and many other body and energy awareness trainings and seminars.

Hilary qualified as a spiritual healer in 1996 with Sussex Healer’s Association (estab.1952)following a two year part time training. In 1998 she qualified as a Reflexologist with City College, Brighton. In 2004 she took her healing studies further with ‘live’ in person Quantum Touch trainings leading to Certified Practitioner status after over 80 hours of case studies in 2005.She also took advanced Quantum Touch courses in person ‘Supercharging’ and ‘core transformation ‘in 2006 and 2007 and then Quantum Touch level 2 with the founder Richard Gordon in 2011.

She also qualified in Bioenergy healing therapy in 2007 which uses a 4 consecutive days structured protocol. Please contact for further information if you would like to experience  how bioenergy could help you.

In her general healing work Hilary brings an intuitive approach to her role as a healing facilitator and witness to your healing process. A course of sessions is recommended to allow time to process, and as maintenance if needed. However, some desired healing change can be quick.


Energy Healing

£40 an hour, concessions available if needed.


£40 an hour, first session 1.5 hours to allow for medical/lifestyle history £40. Concessions available if needed.

How to book an Appointment

You are welcome to book a free, no obligation chat with a practitioner to discuss whether a specific treatment would be appropriate for you.

Alternatively we can talk to you on the phone, just ring the clinic number, 01273 504488

If we are busy just leave a message and we will call you back.


While energy healing and reflexology are highly effective in promoting health and well being they are complimentary therapies and in no way a replacement for conventional medical advice and treatment. The healer does not diagnose illness,injury or disease. The practitioner must be made aware of existing conditions.

Hilary’s healing work follows strict ethical guidelines and codes of practice within a professional framework.