massage-newSports and Remedial Massage

Sports and remedial massage therapy is the treatment, management and rehabilitation of soft tissue problems where there is pain, injury and dysfunction, primarily in the muscles, tendons and ligaments of the body.  It is applicable to a wide range of acute and chronic conditions and targets not only sports-related injuries but also problems originating from occupational stress, repetitive strain, postural misalignment and muscle fatigue.

An initial consultation with Sarah includes a full case history and postural assessment.  The treatment incorporates: deep massage and soft tissue techniques; trigger point therapy; facilitated stretching; Structural Rebalancing and Myofascial Release.

Initial treatments focus on the immediate alleviation of pain and restriction.  Follow-on sessions take the long-term view of improving posture, increasing flexibility, strength and range of movement, balancing body structure and restoring natural alignment to the body.  Each treatment is individually tailored to the person and, if required, exercises are given for strengthening, stretching and co-ordination skills.

About Sarah


Sarah Lloyd RCST

Sarah is a craniosacral therapist, sports and remedial massage therapist and yoga and movement educator. She has worked for 13 years in acupuncture, osteopathic, chiropractic and physiotherapy clinics in Brighton and London. Sarah originally trained as a professional classical and contemporary dancer and enjoyed a 15-year career as a performer and choreographer.

She has been teaching dance, movement education and bodywork for over 25 years, working within professional dance organisations, universities, colleges, schools and the corporate sector.  She offers classes in yoga/stretch, massage/fascial bodywork and experiential anatomy.  Her teaching is informed by Scaravelli yoga, Body-Mind Centering, Ideokinesis, Authentic Movement and Contact Improvisation.



  • Initial consultation and treatment  – £50 (75 mins)
  • Subsequent treatments  – £50 (1 hour), £40 (45 mins) or £30 (30 mins)

How to book an Appointment

To book an appointment either contact the clinic on 01273 504488 or contact Sarah directly on 07791 886551 or email her at

If you have any questions prior to treatment, please contact Sarah directly and she will be happy to discuss them with you.